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Jayanti : A Species Of Cricket Insect

Jayanti : Species Of Cricket:

Jayanti has become the twelfth subgenus, or species, of cricket identified under the genus Arachnomimus Saussure, 1897.

  • Found in the Kurra caves of Chhattisgarh in April 2021, the new subgenus was named Jayanti after Professor Jayant Biswas, one of the leading cave explorers in the country.
  • Arachnomimus is the genus name given by Swiss Entomologist Henri Louis Frédéric de Saussure in 1878 to crickets that resembled spiders.
  • This is apt because crickets of this group are commonly called spider crickets because of their smaller body size and long legs.
  • The newly discovered subgenus, Indimimus, is different from the two subgenera, Arachnomimus and Euarachnomimus, because of the male genitalia structure.
  • Crickets are noticeable for their loud calls, especially at night.
  • Male crickets produce this sound by rubbing their wings against each other to attract females.
  • The females listen to these calls using ears located on their legs and approach the males for mating and reproduction.
  • Interestingly, males of the new Jayanti subgenus cannot produce sound and their females don’t have ears.
  • The crickets were found on the walls of the Kurra caves which don’t have light inside.
  • They may be communicating by beating their abdomen or any other body part on the cave walls.