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Jerenga Pothar And Dhekiajuli Town : Importance

Jerenga Pothar And Dhekiajuli Town:

The Prime Minister visited two significant historical places in Assam.

  • The first was Sivasagar’s Jerenga Pothar, where 17th-century Ahom Princess Joymoti sacrificed her life.
  • The second was Dhekiajuli town, associated with the Quit India Movement of 1942.

Jerenga Pothar:

  • Jerenga Pothar, an open field in Sivasagar town, is popularly connected to the valor of 17th century Ahom princess Joymoti.
  • Formerly known as Rangpur, Sivasagar was the seat of the powerful Ahom dynasty, which ruled Assam for six centuries (1228-1826).
  • Chaolumg Sukapha founded the Ahom kingdom.
  • From 1671 to 1681, the Ahom kingdom was undergoing a period of turmoil, it was at this time that Prince Godapani (Joymoti’s husband) escaped to the Naga Hills before enemies could capture him.
  • But his enemies captured his wife Joymoti, hoping she would tell them about his whereabouts, however, despite being tortured for days, tied to a thorny plant, in an open field, Joymoti refused to divulge any information.
  • She died, sacrificing her life for her husband, who ultimately became the king, ushering in an era of stability and peace in Assam.
  • The place Joymoti was tortured to death was Jerenga Pothar.

Dhekiajuli Town:

  • Dhekiajuli was home to possibly the youngest martyr of the Indian freedom struggle.
  • On 20th September 1942, as part of the Quit India Movement, processions of freedom fighters marched to various police stations across several towns in Assam.
  • These squads, which were known as ‘Mrityu Bahini’, or death squads, had wide participation – including women and children – and set out to unfurl the tricolor atop police stations, seen as symbols of colonial power.
  • The British administration came down heavily on them. In Dhekiajuli, at least 15 people were shot dead, three of them women, including the 12-year-old Tileswari Barua.
  • Tileswari is considered one of the youngest martyrs of India’s freedom struggle.
  • 20th September has for long been observed as Martyrs’ Day in Dhekiajuli town.