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Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga Has Become The First In The Country To Use Satellite Phones:

Kaziranga has become the first in the country to use satellite phones, which are generally used by the law-enforcing agencies.

  • The satellite phones will give an edge to the forest personnel over the poachers and also during emergencies like floods.
  • The public is barred from using satellite phones in India. Satellite phones can connect from anywhere as they are directly connected to satellites around the world and do not depend on terrestrial mobile networks, as cellphones do.
  • It is located in the State of Assam and covers 42,996 Hectare (ha). It is the single largest undisturbed and representative area in the Brahmaputra Valley floodplain.
  • Legal Status:
    • It was declared as a National Park in 1974.
    • It has been declared a Tiger Reserve since 2007. It has a total tiger reserve area of 1,030 sq km with a core area of 430 sq. km.
  • International Status:
    • It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.
      It is recognized as An Important Bird Area by Bird Life International.