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Lake Retba

Lake Retba:

The Lake Retba’s waters are virtually devoid of life and are on the verge of disappearing due to pollution and mining.

  • Lake Retba is also known as Lac Rose the Pink Lake.
  • It is located north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal, northeast of Dakar
  • The lake is isolated from the sea by sand dunes.
  • Its fresh water comes from the seasonal water table in the dunes, which are higher than the lake.
  • Thus, the sea provides most of the lake’s water and all of its salt.
  • The Pink Lake is one of the main tourist destinations in the Dakar region, primarily because of the pink colour of its waters.
  • The pink coloration is due to the proliferation of halophilic green algae (living in a salty environment), Dunaliella salina, which contain red pigments.
  • The algae is associated with halophilic bacteria of the genus Halobacterium.