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Left Wing Extremism : Decline In Violence

Left Wing Extremism : Decline In Violence

The Union Home Minister in a meeting said that for the first time in 4 decades, the number of deaths of civilians and security forces in Left Wing Extremism (LWE) came down under 100 in 2022.

  • Violence related to LWE had come down by 76% in 2022 as compared to 2010.
  • LWE organizations are the groups that try to bring change through violent revolution.
  • They are against democratic institutions and use violence to subvert the democratic processes at the ground level.
  • As part of the goal to ensure all-round development in LWE affected areas; construction of 11,811 km of roadways had been completed to improve road connectivity, 2,343 mobile towers had been installed during the last 8 years, 245 Eklavya Model Residential Schools had been sanctioned in 90 LWE-affected districts and 121 of them were now functional.

Left-wing Extremism:

  • The left-wing extremism (LWE) or Naxal insurgency in India originated in a 1967 uprising in Naxalbari, West Bengal by the Communist Party of India (Marxist).
  • They are the group of people who believe in the political theory derived from the teachings of the Chinese political leader Mao Zedong.
  • The Naxals strongly believe that the solution to social and economic discrimination is to overthrow the existing political system.