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Lorrainosaurus : Fossils Found

Lorrainosaurus : Fossils Found

The fossils of a 170-million-year-old ancient marine reptile named ‘Lorrainosaurus’ from the Age of Dinosaurs have been recently identified as the oldest-known mega-predatory pliosaur.

  • Scientists first unearthed this sea monster’s fossils in 1983.
  • But in a new study, researchers re-analyzed the remains and found that the predator belonged to a previously unknown genus (group) of species and represented the oldest “megapredatory” pliosaur on record.
  • The fossils were unearthed in the former region of Lorraine (now part of Grand Est) in northeastern France.


  • It is the oldest mega-predatory pliosaur.
  • It lived during the ancient Middle Jurassic era in marine environments.
  • The regions in which it lived 170 million years ago are now located in northern France.
  • This giant reptile probably reached over 6 meters from snout to tail.