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Migratory Diadromous Fishes

Migratory Diadromous Fishes:

A recent study has raised concerns about the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in safeguarding the habitats of rare migratory fish species.

  • The study found that a significant portion of these protected areas do not align with the core habitats of the target species, raising questions about the efficacy of current conservation efforts.
  • The study examined 11 rare and data-poor diadromous fish species. These species migrate between saltwater and freshwater environments.
  • The researchers found that only 55% of the modelled core habitats for these species overlapped with the designated MPAs.
  • And, of these protected areas, only 50% had measures in place for the protection of the fish.
  • Less than 30% of endangered species, such as the Mediterranean twaite shad, had their core habitats within the MPAs.
  • Species like European eel and European smelt, which had nearly 70% of their core habitats within MPAs.

Diadromous fishes:

  • These are a group of fish that migrate between freshwater and saltwater environments throughout their lives.
  • This unique life cycle allows them to take advantage of the different resources available in each habitat.