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Mobile Monitoring Software (NMMS) App And Area Officer Monitoring App

Mobile Monitoring Software (NMMS) App And Area Officer Monitoring App:

Union Minister of Rural Development launched National Mobile Monitoring Software (NMMS) app and the Area officer monitoring App.

  • The NMMS App permits taking real-time attendance of workers at Mahatma Gandhi NREGS worksites along with a geotagged photographs, which will increase citizen oversight of the program besides potentially enabling processing payments faster.
  • Area Officer Monitoring App facilitates them to record their findings online along with time-stamped and go-coordinate tagged photograph for all the schemes of Deptt of Rural Development- Mahatma Gandhi NREGS, PMAYG, PMGSY.
  • This would also enable not only better record keeping of inspections by field and supervisory officials but also facilitate analysis of the findings for better program implementation.

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