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National Maritime Day 2022

National Maritime Day 2022:

On 5th April National Maritime Day is celebrated across the country annually. This day has been dedicated to maritime trade’s role in the development of the country’s economy, and also the country’s strategic location as well as the role in global trade.

  • India was an essential part of the Silk Route and acted as the node connecting Europe and the Middle East to the countries located in East Asia.
  • This day is celebrated annually with a particular theme based on which all events are organized.
  • The day also looks to improve the condition of India’s maritime trade and provides help so that it can reach new heights.
  • This day holds the significance of the historical journey of the country’s maritime sector and is celebrated annually to cherish this history, the futuristic visions, and the ongoing development in the sector of maritime trade across the country.
  • This day also celebrates the role of the maritime industry in boosting the Indian economy.