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National Rail Plan (NRP)

National Rail Plan (NRP):

The National Rail Plan envisages that the share of freight traffic by rail should go up from the current share of 27% to 45% by 2030

  • The Government had come up with the National Rail Plan last year.
  • Objectives of the plan:
    • To create capacity ahead of demand by 2030, which in turn would cater to growth in demand right up to 2050.
    • To increase the modal share of Railways from 27% currently to 45% in freight by 2030 as part of a national commitment to reduce Carbon emissions and to continue to sustain it.
    • To assess the actual demand in the freight and passenger sectors
    • Forecast growth of traffic in both freight and passenger year on year up to 2030 and on a decadal basis up to 2050.
    • Reduce transit time of freight substantially by increasing the average speed of freight trains from the present 22Kmph to 50Kmph
    • Reduce the overall cost of Rail transportation by nearly 30% and pass on the benefits to the customers.
    • The construction of Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFCs) on the important high-density route