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National Snakebite Awareness Summit

National Snakebite Awareness Summit:

National Snakebite Awareness Summit was recently organised in virtual mode by the Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council, New Delhi.

  • The summit was held on the eve of the International Snakebite Awareness Day, observed on 19 September every year.
  • India is registering an alarming number of deaths due to snakebite. Most of the deaths are preventable with greater awareness and accessible healthcare.
  • There is no mechanism of management in the peripheral system to treat snakebites – doctors and paramedical staff need to learn snakebite management but there are no modules.
  • Establishment of a dialysis centre attached to the PHCs to offer immediate treatment to those with renal failure due to snakebite.
  • Region-specific treatment protocols to treat snakebite victims and to administer the anti-venom injection, when required.
  • Besides, we need to include tribal healers who have the knowledge of traditional medicine and medicinal plants.
  • Snakebite should be a notifiable disease and industry can bring in easy solutions but we need help from policymakers in doing that.
  • Need more localized surveys as preventing snakebite will bring equity – most affected people include children working with parents on fields, villagers and tribals.