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New Shepard Spacecraft

New Shepard Spacecraft:

Jeff Bezos-led Blue Origin has partnered with the Space Exploration and Research Agency (SERA) to give common Indian citizens an opportunity to go into space in New Shepard spacecraft.

  • New Shepard Spacecraft is a suborbital space travel vehicle, offering a unique experience for both scientific research and space tourism.
  • It is named after Alan Shepard, the first American in space, New Shepard is a fully reusable rocket system designed for human spaceflight.
  • It consists of two main components: a reusable booster and a pressurized crew capsule.
  • The capsule can accommodate six passengers, providing each with a window seat to witness breathtaking views of Earth.
  • Among its notable features are the largest windows ever flown in space, offering an unparalleled visual experience for astronauts.
  • New Shepard’s 11-minute journey takes passengers beyond the Karman line. During the flight, passengers experience several minutes of weightlessness before making a controlled descent back to Earth aided by parachutes.
  • In addition to its space tourism potential, New Shepard serves as a valuable platform for scientific research.