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Ol Chiki Script

Ol Chiki Script:

The Prime Minister India for saluting the immortal tribal revolutionaries on Hul Diwas used Ol Chiki script of Santhali language.

  • Ol Chiki script was created in 1925 by Raghunath Murmu (1905-1982), writer and teacher from what is Mayurbhanj State (now part of Odisha) in India as a way to write Santhali a Munda language.
  • Ol Chiki is also known as Ol Cemet’, Ol Ciki, Ol or the Santhali alphabet.
  • It was created as a way to promote Santhali culture.
  • The script was first publicized in 1939 at the Mayurbhanj State exhibition.
  • Murmu published over 150 books in Santhali in the Ol Chiki script, including novels, poetry, drama, grammars, dictionaries and other information about the language and script.
  • Santhali is also written with the Latin, Odia, Bengali and Devanagari alphabets.
  • Santhali language is spoken mainly in Jharkhand and West Bengal states in northern India, and also in northwestern Bangladesh, eastern Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Hul Diwas : Revolution – began in 1855 two years before the uprising of 1857.