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Operation Sajag

Operation Sajag:

The Indian Coast Guard recently conducted ‘Operation Sajag,’ a Coastal Security Drill along the Western Coast.

  • Operation Sajag is a coastal security drill conducted by the Indian Coast Guard along the west coast.
  • It involved all stakeholders of the Indian coastal security construct.
  • A total of 118 ships, including those from Customs, Marine Police, Ports, and the Indian Navy, participated in the drill.
  • The drill facilitates revalidation of the coastal security mechanism and brings awareness among the fishermen at sea.
  • During the drill, extensive checking and verification of documents and crew passes of all fishing boats, barges and craft at sea was undertaken.
  • Biometric card readers have also been issued to security agencies.
  • Besides monitoring of dhows, island security and community interaction programmes have been institutionalised under the coastal security construct.