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Planet Nine: Important Points

Planet Nine: Study

The study proposes “Planet Nine” exists beyond Neptune and is six times the mass of Earth, according to reports.

  • The scientists first proposed Pluto had a replacement in a controversial study that came out in 2016 that said the clustering of asteroids and comets and other objects that orbit the sun in the Kuiper Belt suggests the existence of a large planet.
  • The new study also includes a “treasure map” of the planet’s likely orbit that the scientists said lasts around 7,400 Earth years and is closer to the Sun than the 2016 study found.
  • A closer orbit to the Sun would make the planet brighter and easier to see.
  • Planet Nine would probably be cold gas giant like Neptune, the farthest known planet in a Solar System from the Sun. Neptune has a nonsolid surface made up mostly of hydrogen, helium, and methane, according to NASA.