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According to a new study Quasars the brightest and the most powerful objects in the universe

  • The quasi-stellar radio sources (Quasars) were first discovered six decades ago.
  • These are very luminous objects in faraway galaxies that emit jets at radio frequencies.
  • They are located in supermassive black holes, which sit in the centre of galaxies.
  • These are formed by the energy emitted by materials spiralling around a black hole right before being sucked into it.
  • Most quasars are larger than our solar system. A quasar is approximately 1-kilo parsec in width.
  • When galaxies collide, it pushes the gas from the outer reaches of the galaxies to the centre.
  • As the supermassive black hole gorges on the gas, it releases ferocious fountains of energy in the form of radiation, leading to the quasar.