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Right To Repair Portal

Right To Repair Portal:

The Central government of India asked the automobile companies to join the unified Right to Repair Portal India.

  • Right to Repair Portal aims to provide consumers with access to repair information for their products and reduce e-waste.
  • It was launched by the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs (MCA) on National Consumer Rights Day 2022.
  • It provides information about the circular economy, which is the new economic model that focuses on repairing and reusing products, as opposed to throwing them away.
  • The portal brings together information from different sectors, including automobiles, consumer durables, mobile and electronics, and farming equipment.
  • All public information related to products, services, warranties, terms, and conditions, etc. will also be easily accessible through this portal.
  • It gives consumers access to affordable repair mobile phones, appliances, and other electronic devices by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or third-party repairers.
  • The aim is to offer a cheaper alternative to expensive replacements to customers, instead of buying new products altogether.