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Sant Tukaram Shila Mandir

Sant Tukaram Shila Mandir:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Sant Tukaram Shila Mandir in the temple town of Dehu in Pune district.

  • Sant Tukaram was the contemporary of Shivaji.
  • He is considered as the greatest Maratha Bhakthi reformer.
  • He made the Vithoba cult popular.
  • He composed devotional songs on Vithalswamy called as Abhangs.
  • He preached the message of equality and universal brotherhood.
  • Sant Tukaram and his work are central to the Warkari sect spread across Maharashtra.
  • Sant Tukaram is credited with starting the Wari pilgrimage.
  • His master was Saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu of the Bhakti movement.