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Sebi Wins ‘Best Business Regulator’ Award In Asia Pacific

Sebi Wins ‘Best Business Regulator’ Award In Asia Pacific:

According to The Asian Banker, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was recently given the “Best Conduct of Business Regulator” award for the Asia-Pacific area.

  • This award, which was given in an event in Hong Kong, shows how important SEBI has been in improving the rules that govern Indian stock markets.
  • Kamlesh Chandra Varshney, a Permanent Member of SEBI, accepted the award on behalf of the organization.
  • SEBI has taken several important steps that have made the Indian stock market much more efficient and trustworthy.
  • The introduction of the T+1 settlement method is one of the important projects.
  • This method, which began to be put in place gradually in 2021 and was fully operational by January 2023, has greatly cut the time it takes for investors to get to their money after trading, which has increased market liquidity and efficiency.
  • The Asian Banker pointed out that SEBI has not only made the market more efficient through strict enforcement and new regulatory practices, but it has also made sure that customers are treated fairly and kept the market’s integrity strong.