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17th Asia Pacific Regional Meeting

17th Asia Pacific Regional Meeting:

The 17th Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) was held in Singapore.

Highlights of the Meeting:

  • It brings together representatives of governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations from Asia, the Pacific and the Arab states.
  • The four key thematic areas of the 17th APRM included:
    • Integrated policy agenda for a human-centred recovery that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient
    • Institutional framework to support transitions towards formality and decent work
    • Strong foundations for social and employment protection and resilience
    • Revitalizing productivity growth and skills for more and better jobs
  • The meeting concluded with the launch of ‘Singapore Statement’.
  • The statement represents a shared vision of the region’s priorities for national action among the ILO constituents and with ILO support in the coming years.
  • The statement highlights the need to ratify ILO fundamental conventions and further strengthen the capacities of government, employer and worker representatives to carry out effective social dialogue.
  • It calls for action to close gender gaps and encourages ILO member countries to consider the ratification and effective implementation of related international labour standards, accelerate the transition from the informal to formal economy as well as strengthen governance frameworks to protect the rights of migrant workers.
  • The Statement furthermore confirms the commitment of governments and social partners across the regions to engage in consultations towards the development of a Global Social Justice Coalition.
  • It also calls for a just transition that helps build environmentally sustainable economies and societies in the face of climate change