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Statue of Equality: World’s Second-Largest Statue

World’s Second-Largest Statue (Statue of Equality):

PM Narendra Nodi is all set to unveil the world’s second-largest statue (Statue of Equality)

  • The 216-foot-tall statue of 11nth-century social reformer and saint, Ramanujacharya will be in a sitting position.
  • The world’s second tallest statue in a sitting position is made up of ‘panchaloha’, meaning a combination of five metals i.e. gold, copper, silver, brass and zinc.
  • The inner sanctorum deity of Sri Ramanujacharya is built of 120 kilos of gold. This commemorates the 120 years the saint spent on earth.

About Sri Ramanujacharya:

  • Born in 1017 CE in Tamil Nadu.
  • He is the most respected Acharya in the philosophy of Sri Vaishnavism.
  • He was also referred to as Ilaya Perumal which means the radiant one.
  • His philosophical foundations for devotionalism were influential to the Bhakti movement.
  • He is famous as the chief proponent of Vishishtadvaita subschool of Vedānta.
  • He wrote influential texts, such as bhāsya on the Brahma Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, all in Sanskrit.

Vishishtadvaita is a non-dualistic school of Vedanta philosophy. It is non-dualism of the qualified whole, in which Brahman alone exists, but is characterized by multiplicity.

  • It can be described as qualified monism or qualified non-dualism or attributive monism.
  • It is a school of Vedanta philosophy which believes in all diversity subsuming to an underlying unity.