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World Fisheries Day 2021

World Fisheries Day: 21st November

World Fisheries Day (WFD) is observed on the 21st November every year.

  • The award ceremony was organised by the ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairying, in Bhubaneswar on the occasion of WFD.
  • Balasore district (Odisha) has been awarded India’s “Best Marine District”.
  • WFD is celebrated to demonstrate solidarity with all fisherfolk, fish farmers and concerned stakeholders throughout the world.
  • It was started in the year 1997 when “World Forum of Fish Harvesters & Fish Workers” met at New Delhi leading to formation of “World Fisheries Forum” with representatives from 18 countries and signed a declaration advocating for a global mandate of sustainable fishing practices and policies.
  • It is aimed at drawing attention to overfishing, habitat destruction and other serious threats to the sustainability of marine and inland resources.
  • In 2019-20, with an overall production of 142 lakh tons, India produced 8% of the global share.
  • During the same time period, India’s fisheries exports stood at Rs 46,662 crore, constituting about 18% of India’s agricultural exports.
  • India aims to achieve a target of producing 22 million metric tonnes of fish by 2024-25.
  • The fisheries sector has witnessed three major transformations in the last few years:
  • The growth of inland aquaculture, specifically freshwater aquaculture.
  • The mechanization of capture fisheries.
  • The successful commencement of brackish water shrimp aquaculture.
  • As compared to last year there has been a 34% increase in the budget for the fisheries sector in 2021-22.