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Stingless Bees

Stingless Bees:

To protect Amazon, conservators try to save pollinator Stingless bees.

  • A stingless bee is a bee that appears very similar to a honeybee, but is incapable of stinging.
  • These bees are eusocial, which means that they live together in hives and produce honey.
  • These are native to the Amazon.
  • Their honey, which is runny enough to be drunk like a liquid and is said to have a citrusy aftertaste.
  • It is used by many Indigenous Peruvians as a natural medicine.
  • Stingless bees can be found in most tropical and subtropical regions.
  • These bees cannot sting but nature has made sure to give them other ways of defending themselves.
  • These bees do possess stingers, but they are too small to be useful in defense. Instead of stinging, stingless bees use their mandibles to bite their attackers.
  • The Amazon is home to hundreds of species of stingless bee, but as deforestation converts the tropical landscape into farms and ranches, these and other native pollinators are in danger of disappearing.