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Millipedes : New Genus Discovered

Millipedes : New Genus Discovered Researchers recently discovered a new genus and five new species of millipedes in remote African jungles. Millipedes are any member of the arthropod class Diplopoda i.e Arthropods are animals with hard exoskeletons and jointed limbs They are cylindrical or slightly flattened invertebrates. The word millipede translates to a thousand feet […]

Inclusive Education For Disabled At Secondary Stage (IEDSS) Scheme

Inclusive Education For Disabled At Secondary Stage (IEDSS) Scheme: The Karnataka government recently suspended five officers for dereliction of duty in the implementation of the Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) scheme. IEDSS has been launched from the year 2009-10. This Scheme replaces the earlier scheme of Integrated Education for Disabled Children (IEDC). […]

Trichoglossum : New Fungal Species

Trichoglossum : New Fungal Species Researchers recently discovered a new fungus species in Kerala named Trichoglossum syamviswanathii. Trichoglossum is a genus of fungus classified within the family Geoglossaceae (Ascomycota), commonly known as “hairy earth tongues” fungus due to their numerous filaments resembling mushrooms. They are black, dark, or brown in colour. They exhibit saprotrophic behavior […]