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UNEP Report On Sustainable Cooling

UNEP Report On Sustainable Cooling:

A new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) suggests that implementing measures for sustainable practices in the global cooling sector could significantly reduce predicted 2050 greenhouse gas emissions by 60%.

  • The cooling sector, responsible for 20% of electricity use, plays a crucial role in addressing rising temperatures, ensuring food quality, maintaining vaccine stability, and sustaining productive economies.
  • Its current trajectory poses a threat, with installed cooling equipment expected to triple, resulting in a more than doubling of electricity consumption by 2050.
  • The Global Cooling Watch Report recommends various action plans to address the challenges, including passive cooling methods (such as cool roofs and natural shading), higher energy efficiency standards, and a faster phasedown of climate-warming refrigerants and air conditioning.
  • Passive cooling and efficient equipment are projected to save consumers $17 trillion in 2022-2050.
  • These measures could reduce peak power requirements, avoiding substantial power generation investments