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Unified Portal For Agricultural Statistics

Unified Portal For Agricultural Statistics:

The Unified Portal for Agricultural Statistics (UPAg Portal ) was officially launched recently.

  • This innovative platform is designed to revolutionize data management in India’s agriculture sector, addressing complex governance challenges.
  • The portal aims to provide real-time, reliable, and standardized information, empowering stakeholders and facilitating more responsive and efficient agricultural policies.
  • The UPAg Portal addresses key challenges in agriculture data, including lack of standardization, verification, dispersion, and different update frequencies.
  • It offers data standardization, advanced analytics, granular production estimates, commodity profile reports, and flexibility for users to prepare their own reports.
  • The UPAg Portal is part of the Digital Public Infrastructure for Agriculture, focusing on harnessing data for growth, transparency, and agility in India’s agriculture sector.
  • This initiative aligns with e-governance principles and aims to enhance data-driven decision-making for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders in the agriculture domain.