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PUShP Portal

PUShP Portal:

The National Power Committee (NPC) has asked States to provide suggestions for offering incentives to buyers and sellers on the surplus power portal PUSHp,

  • PUShP portal is a High Price Day Ahead Market (HP-DAM) and Surplus Power Portal (PUShP) launched by the Ministry of Power.
  • It was launched to ensure greater availability of power during the peak demand season at a price higher than the ceiling of Rs 12 per unit by certain category of sellers.
  • The power distribution companies (DISCOMs) will be able to indicate their surplus power in block times / days / months on portal.
  • Those DISCOMs who need power will be able to requisition the surplus power.
  • The new buyer will pay both variable charge (VC) and fixed cost (FC) as determined by Regulators.
  • Once power is reassigned, the original beneficiary shall have no right to recall as entire FC liability is also shifted to the new beneficiary.
  • This will reduce the fixed cost burden on the DISCOMs, and will also enable all the available generation capacity to be utilized.