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Varuna Naval Exercise

Varuna Naval Exercise:

The 20th edition of the bilateral naval exercise that is named ‘Varuna’ is being conducted by India and France in the Arabian Sea from 30th March till 3rd April 2022.

  • In this exercise, various units of the two navies which include submarines, ships, fighter aircraft, maritime patrol aircraft, and helicopters are participating.
  • This exercise is conducted so that the participating units can sharpen and enhance their operational skills in the maritime sector.
  • The participating units also look to improve their inter-operability so that they can undertake various maritime security operations.
  • The units also demonstrate their commitment, as an integrated force, to the promotion of the region’s security, peace, and stability.
  • The scope of this exercise has grown over the years.
  • These exercises provide the navies of both nations with various opportunities to the best possible practices from each other.
  • This exercise plays the role of the significant driver for interactions at the operational level between the navies of India and France.
  • Also, this exercise has highlighted the shared commitment of both countries to the safety, security, and freedom of the global maritime sector.