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What Are Earth System boundaries?

What Are Earth System boundaries?

Reports suggest that seven of eight Earth system boundaries (ESBs) that are critical for the stability of the planet’s health and survival of species have already been crossed.

  • Earth System Boundaries (ESBs) are scientifically measured limits for climate, freshwater, biodiversity and different kinds of pollution.
  • Operating within these limits, can help maintain a stable and resilient planet.
  • These are hard limits and even temporary overshooting of some of the boundaries can permanently damage the planet’s critical systems.

Findings of the Report:

  • Two or more ESBs have already transgressed 52% of the world’s land surface, affecting 86% of the global population.
  • India, along with other parts of South Asia, Europe, and parts of Africa is an ESB transgression hotspot.
  • Himalayan foothills have recorded at least 5 ESB transgressions.
  • The seven ESBs that have been crossed are:-
    • Climate, functional integrity, and levels of surface water, groundwater, nitrogen, phosphorus and aerosols.
  • The eighth, which has not been crossed, is. 5 degrees C warming
  • The global annual mean interhemispheric aerosol optical depth (AOD) difference, which measures the degree of air pollution globally has also not been crossed.