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What is Editors Guild Of India?

Editors Guild Of India:

The Editors Guild of India flagged the Group of Ministers (GoM) report on the government’s media strategy as an example of the government’s “increasingly draconian attitude” towards any criticism.

  • The GoM, whose members include five Cabinet Ministers and four Ministers of State, was set up in mid-2020.

Editors Guild of India:

  • The Editors Guild was founded in 1978 with the twin objectives of protecting press freedom and for raising the standards of editorial leadership of newspapers and magazines.
  • Recommendations from Group of Ministers (GoM) Report on Media Strategy:
    • Identifying and engaging journalists – who had lost jobs but have been “supportive or neutral” to the present government – in various ministries so that their services could be used to project the government’s image positively.
    • Further, the government should have an increased engagement with journalism schools as part of its long-term strategy since present students are future journalists.
  • Engaging with Foreign Media and NRIs:
    • There should be regular interaction with foreign media journalists as part of the government’s global outreach so that “its perspective” is put out correctly in the international forum.
    • An effective system of communication with the NRI community should be established so that they can raise their voice against negative narratives in foreign countries.