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What Is Vaccine Passport?

Vaccine Passports:

Governments around the world are exploring the potential use of vaccine passports as a way of reopening the economy by identifying those protected against the coronavirus.

  • A vaccine passport is an e-certificate that stores and records jabs and Covid-19 test status.
  • It can be kept in a smartphone app or in other digital formats.
  • Its contents can be flashed at security checkpoints when people travel across borders.
  • The idea is modeled on the proof of vaccination that several countries required even before the pandemic.
  • Travelers from many African countries to the USA or India are required to submit proof that they have been vaccinated against diseases such as yellow fever.
  • In February 2021, Israel became the first country to introduce a certification system that allows those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 to access certain facilities and events.

The function of Vaccine Passports:

  • Will digitize vaccination records across countries.
  • Supposed to function as proof that the holder has been vaccinated against Covid-19 and is, therefore, safe.

The benefit of the Vaccine Passports:

  • The primary benefit will be to the tourism and the hospitality industries, which are both seen as being at the heart of the Covid-19 spread and are the worst hit by the pandemic.
  • International air travel, which suffered massively because of the outbreak.