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What is Smart Wall at the USA-Mexico border?

Smart Wall:

An alternative Smart Wall has been proposed to replace the physical and armed patrolling with advanced surveillance technology at the USA-Mexico border.

  • Earlier in 2019, the USA declared a national emergency to fund the construction of a border wall along the USA-Mexico Border citing “invasion” of drugs and criminals from Mexico.

About Smart Wall:

  • It is a collection of discrete technologies that work together to prevent illegal entry, smuggling, and all the various threats posed by a porous border.
  • It uses drones, scanners, and sensors to create a technological barrier too high to climb over, too wide to go around, and too deep to burrow under.
  • Using Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies like in-ground sensors, security cameras, and software solutions, a smart wall could empower border officials with enhanced situational awareness to prevent illicit activity.