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White Hydrogen

White Hydrogen:

Scientists looking for fossil fuels beneath the ground in northeastern France have discovered a large reservoir of white hydrogen.

  • White Hydrogen is also referred to as “natural,” “gold” or “geologic” hydrogen.
  • It is naturally produced in the Earth’s crust and is considered a potential source of clean energy.
  • It generally exists combined with other molecules.
  • White hydrogen has several advantages over other types of hydrogen
  • It causes no CO2 emissions when used as a fuel.
  • It is compatible with existing infrastructure and technologies for hydrogen production and utilisation.
  • It is cheaper and more efficient than steam reforming or electrolysis.
  • It is abundant and renewable.
  • Its deposits have been found across the world, including in the US, Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia, France, and other countries.
  • It is estimated that globally, there could be tens of billions of tonnes of white hydrogen.