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World’s First Portable Disaster Hospital

World’s First Portable Disaster Hospital:

India has built the world’s first portable disaster hospital, called the “Aarogya Maitri Cube”.

  • The hospital can be airlifted and assembled into 72 cubes that contain essential medical equipment and supplies.
  • The cubes can support 200 survivors for 48 hours during natural disasters or crises.
  • It has been developed indigenously under the Project BHISHM(Bharat Health Initiative for Sahyog Hita and Maitri).
  • The hospital includes Operation theatres, mini-ICUs, Ventilators, Blood test equipment, an X-ray machine, a Cooking station, Food, Water, a Shelter, Power generator.
  • The “Aarogya Maitri Cube” is part of “Aarogya Maitri” project.
  • The project aims to provide essential medical supplies to any developing country affected by natural disasters or humanitarian crises.