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Adopt a Heritage 2.0

Adopt a Heritage 2.0:

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has launched a revamped version of the ‘Adopt a Heritage’ program, along with an Indian Heritage app and an e-permission portal.

  • This updated program encourages corporate stakeholders to utilize their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds to enhance facilities at historically important monuments.
  • It also provides a comprehensive guide through the Indian Heritage app, offering information on ASI’s monuments, including historical structures, pictures, public facilities, and geo-tagged locations.
  • The ‘Adopt a Heritage 2.0’ program includes various changes, such as a streamlined management structure for partner agencies, clear guidelines for semi-commercial activities, and a detailed scope of work and amenities required for monuments.
  • The updated program offers more flexibility, allowing companies to adopt entire monuments and develop their tourism infrastructure or provide specific amenities like drinking water facilities or cleaning services for one or more sites.