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Worst Forest Fires In Odisha

Worst Forest Fires In Odisha:

Forest fires continue to rage in Odisha after the state recorded 642 large fire incidents from March 2-9, 2023 the highest in the country during the period, according to the Forest Survey of India (FSI) data.

  • The eastern state recorded 96 major fires in different jungles also highest in the country.
  • From all the other states combined, 189 active fire incidents were reported the same day, according to FSI.
  • Odisha has recorded 871 large forest fires since November 1, 2022, the beginning of the forest fire seasons.
  • This is also a national record for the season, official data showed. It was followed by Andhra Pradesh (754), Karnataka (642), Telangana(447) and Madhya Pradesh (316).
  • Some of the fires may have also been caused by human-made reasons, the expert added.
  • The tribal people set fire on forests for shifting cultivation, collection of mahua flowers and kendu leaves, he noted.
  • Forest fires result in the loss of timber, fruit-bearing trees and medicinal plants.
  • They also pose a threat to the wildlife and their habitat areas, said Biswajit Mohanty, former member of the National Board for Wildlife.