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What are Index-linked Insurance Policies (ILIPs) ?

Index-linked Insurance Policies (ILIPs): A committee was set up by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) on the request of some insurers. The committee has recommended introducing index-linked insurance policies (ILIPs). Index-linked insurance policies (ILIPs): The returns coming from the ILIPs will be linked to benchmark indices. ILIPs are the Insurance products […]

Excessive Use Of Fertilisers : Matter Raised In Lok Sabha

Excessive Use Of Fertilizer: Union Minister of Agriculture informed Lok Sabha about the Excessive Use of Fertilizer. Investigations carried out under the All India Coordinated Research Project on ‘Long Term Fertilizer Experiments’ over five decades at fixed sites have indicated that continuous use of nitrogenous fertilizer alone had a deleterious effect on soil health and […]