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Global Initiative On Digital Health

Global Initiative On Digital Health: Achieving one of the three priority areas agreed upon during India’s G20 presidency in 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently launched the Global Initiative on Digital Health (GIDH) virtually. Global Initiative on Digital Health (GIDH) is a WHO-managed network aiming to amplify and align resources toward country-led digital health […]

Maritime Transport 2023 : Review

Maritime Transport 2023 : Review The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has released the Review of Maritime Transport 2023, highlighting the Issue of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from International Shipping and Challenges in Decarbonization. Highlights of the Review: GHG emissions from international shipping were 20% higher in 2023 compared to a decade […]

Vaibhav Scheme : 75 Indian Diaspora Scientists Return To India

Vaibhav Scheme : 75 Indian Diaspora Scientists Return To India 75 Indian Diaspora Scientists to return to India under Government’s Vaibhav Scheme. The first group of 22 fellows has already been chosen to the scheme meant to attract Indian-origin scientists based abroad for short-term collaboration with Indian institutions. Twenty-two scientists, mostly based at North American […]

Global Pulses Conference

Global Pulses Conference: Global Pulses Conference (GPC) urges India to augment production of pulses to meet nutritional requirements. The Global Pulse Conference 2024 was recently held in New Delhi. India is aiming to achieve self-sufficiency in pulses by 2027, focusing on expanding cultivation and supplying new varieties of seeds. Global Pulses Conference represents all segments […]