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2nd Voice Of Global South Summit

2nd Voice Of Global South Summit:

2nd Voice of Global South Summit, hosted by India, focused on condemning the Hamas attacks of October 7 and called for restraint, dialogue, and diplomacy to resolve the Israel-Hamas conflict.


  • Voice of Global South Summit is a platform where countries from the Global South, often described as developing or less developed, come together to share perspectives and priorities.
  • The summit focuses on sustaining momentum toward a more inclusive, representative, and progressive world order.
  • Indian PM unveils DAKSHIN (Global South Centre of Excellence) and calls for 5 ‘Cs’ for the Global South: Consultation, Cooperation, Communication, Creativity, and Capacity building.
  • The term “Global South” refers to various countries often described as “developing,” “less developed” or “underdeveloped.”
  • The concept of the Global South can be traced to the Brandt report of 1980.
  • India has taken several initiatives for South-South cooperation, including the induction of the African Union into the G20 Grouping, International Solar Alliance, Global Biofuel Alliance, and Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure