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Adoption Of Climate Smart Agriculture

Adoption Of Climate Smart Agriculture:

The adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) faces challenges in South Asia, as sustainable practices and technologies struggle to gain widespread acceptance.

  • CSA, or Climate-Smart Agriculture, is an approach that incorporates a set of agricultural practices and technologies.
  • Its goals are to boost productivity (e.g., precision farming, smart crops), enhance resilience (e.g., zero budget natural farming, agroforestry), and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (e.g., zero tillage, permaculture, organic farming).

Climate-Smart Agriculture Practices:

  • Cultivating Climate-Resilient Crop Varieties: Growing crops resistant to temperature changes, pests, and diseases.
    • Example: Drought-tolerant maize in sub-Saharan Africa benefits smallholder farmers.
  • Conservation Agriculture: No-till and reduced-tillage cultivation for soil coverage,
  • Agroforestry: Integrating trees and shrubs with crops and livestock.
  • Precision Irrigation: eg: Drip and sprinkler irrigation maximize water use efficiency.