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The ARNALA ship is inducted into the Indian Navy

  • The ARNALA ship is built under ASW SWC Project.
  • Arnala class of ships will replace the Abhay class ASW Ships of the Indian Navy and are designed to undertake anti-submarine operations in coastal waters and Low-Intensity Maritime Operations (LIMO) including subsurface surveillance in littoral waters.
  • The ship has been named Arnala to signify the strategic maritime importance accorded to the island of Arnala by the great Maratha warrior, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

ASW SWC Project:

  • It is the Anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Craft project under which many ships are being built for the Indian Navy
  • The ASW SWC ships will be capable of detecting and neutralizing various underwater threats.
  • ASW SWC ships have a displacement of 900 tons with a maximum speed of 25 knots and an endurance of 1800 NM.
  • These ships will have over 80% indigenous content, ensuring that large-scale defense production is executed by Indian manufacturing units thereby generating employment and capability build up within the country.