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Artillery Interception System

Artillery Interception System:

South Korea has approved plans to develop an artillery interception system, similar to Israel’s Iron Dome.

  • This new defence system will be designed and built specifically to thwart attacks by rockets and long-range missiles launched by North Korea.
  • The South Korean government had announced in June that it would be spending approximately $2.5 billion on research and development of this new system, with a target to deploy it by 2035.
  • North Korea deploys around 1,000 artillery pieces along the Military Demarcation Line that divides the Korean Peninsula.
  • There are operational differences between the two systems as well, with the most significant being that South Korea’s system will be designed to intercept long-range artillery pieces.
  • But more importantly, South Korea and Israel face different security threats that require different responses.
  • While Israel contends with Hamas, which is primarily a militant group, South Korea had to contend with North Korea, a nation with its own extensive military capabilities.