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Automatic Number Plate Reader(ANPR) Cameras

Automatic Number Plate Reader(ANPR) Cameras:

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways will install is planning to remove all the toll plazas on the national highways and rely on Automatic Number Plate Reader(ANPR) cameras.

  • ANPR cameras will read the vehicle number plates and automatically deduct toll fees from the bank accounts of the vehicle owners.
  • Only those that have come after 2019 will be registered by the cameras. The government plans to come up with a scheme to replace older number plates.
  • Other issues are when things are written on number plates, beyond the nine-digit registration number, such as ‘govt of India/Delhi’ and names of Gods etc
  • Currently, about 97% of the total toll collection happens through FASTags the remaining 3% pay higher than normal toll rates for not using FASTags.