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Cepheid Star

Cepheid Star:

A recent study carried out by the researchers were able to achieve the most accurate calibration of Cepheid stars.

  • Cepheid star is a type of variable star which brigthen and dim periodically.
  • Variable stars are essentially stars that experience fluctuations in their brightness
  • Cepheids stars are special type of variable star in that they are hot and massive – five to twenty times as much mass as our Sun – and are known for their tendency to pulsate radially and vary in both diameter and temperature.
  • Cepheid star’s period is directly related to its luminosity or brightness.
  • They have luminosities 500-30,000 times greater than that of the Sun.
  • They are used as cosmic yardsticks out to distances of a few tens of millions of light-years.