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CFE Treaty : Formal Suspension

CFE Treaty : Formal Suspension

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has announced the formal suspension of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), a key Cold War-Era Security Treaty in response to Russia’s pullout from the deal.

CFE Treaty:

  • It was signed in 1990 and fully ratified in 1992, aimed to prevent massing of conventional armed forces by NATO and Warsaw Pact countries near mutual borders during the Cold War.
  • It placed limits on the deployment of conventional military forces in Europe and played a significant role in reducing tensions and arms build-up in the region.
  • This treaty was one of several Cold War-era agreements involving Russia and the United States.

In News:

  • Russia had suspended its participation in the CFE Treaty in 2007 and formally announced its intention to withdraw in 2015.
  • The recent move to finalise the withdrawal came after the Russian President signed a bill denouncing the treaty in May 2023.
  • Russia has blamed the US and its allies for the withdrawal, citing their “destructive position” on the treaty.
  • Russia claims CFE is no longer serves its interests because it was signed to restrict the use of conventional weapons and equipment and not other advanced weapons.
  • Russia cited that preserving the CFE Treaty has become unacceptable from the standpoint of its fundamental security interests, citing developments in Ukraine and NATO’s expansion.
  • NATO underlines its commitment to reducing military risk, preventing misperceptions, and maintaining security.
  • The suspension of the CFE Treaty underscores the ongoing tensions between Russia and NATO, which have significant implications for global security and regional stability, particularly in Eastern Europe.