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Cheriyal Scroll Painting

Cheriyal Scroll Painting:

Cheriyal scroll painting will be presented to the spouses of the heads of state from around the world, who will gather for the upcoming G20 Summit.

  • Cheriyal scroll painting is a popular and modified version of Nakashi art, considered highly rich in the local motifs.
  • This art form is unique to the state of Telangana and made mostly in Hyderabad currently.
  • The Nakashis are the artists of Telangana and the scrolls constitute a key element of the social and cultural setting of Telangana.
  • This traditional art form is considered an inseparable part of the profession comprising the story-telling and balladeer community called Kaki Padagollu.
  • Themes: These scrolls are painted in a narrative format similar to a film roll or even comic strips and depict stories from Indian mythology as well as the shorter stories related to the Puranas and Epics (Mahabharata, Ramayana, Shiva Puranam, Markandey Puranam)
  • The Cheriyal paintings represent a distinct local invention, based mainly on local traditions.
  • The ballads and folk stories of Gauda, Madiga and other communities.
  • These are painted in vivid hues with mostly primary colors, showing a predominance of red colour in the background.
  • The main narrative involves scenes from the common rural life such as women performing kitchen chores, men working in fields or experiencing merry, festival settings, etc.
  • Artists have displayed these scrolls which are also accompanied by music and dance.