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Decoding of Copper plates sheds light on the celebrated ancient Sanskrit poetess Shilabhattarika.

  • Shilabhattarika was a Sanskrit poetess who lived in the 9th century.
  • M. B. Padma, a scholar of the University of Mysore, speculates that she may be the same as Shila-maha Devi, the queen of the 8th-century Rashtrakuta ruler Dhruva.
  • The 10th-century poet Rajashekhara praises Shilabhattarika as a leading figure of the Panchali literary style.
  • According to Rajashekhara, the Panchali style can be traced to the works of Shilabhattarika, and possibly to some of the works of the 7th-century poet Bana.
  • Shilabhattarika has been quoted by several classical Sanskrit literary critics, and her verses appear in most major Sanskrit anthologies.
  • She is known to have written at least 46 poems on topics such as “love, morality, politics, nature, beauty, the seasons, insects, anger, indignation, codes of conduct, and the