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Dengue Outbreaks Rise In Americas Due To Climate Change

Dengue Outbreaks Rise In Americas Due To Climate Change:

While dengue fever used to only happen in tropical areas, there are now an alarmingly high number of cases in both those areas and other places, like the US and Europe.

  • This rise in dengue cases is a growing global health issue.
  • It is thought to be caused by climate change and changes in how people travel around the world.
  • Dengue fever is spreading very quickly in Latin America right now.
  • One year after the previous year, the number of dengue cases in the area rose by 238% in just over four months in 2024.
  • The Pan-American Health Organization reported 4.1 million cases last year, which is more than 400% more than the five-year normal.
  • This area is especially at risk because the weather changes between hot, humid, and wet times, which are perfect for Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, which are the main carrier of dengue.
  • The weather, especially the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), plays a big part in causing dengue breakouts.
  • ENSO causes a pattern of wet and dry periods that moves around the region, making it easier for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.
  • Together, this and global warming are making outbreaks happen more often and with more force.
  • Dengue attacks in North America used to happen less often, but now they happen every year.
  • Mosquitoes can live and breed longer when it’s warmer all year, not just in the summer. When 400 people were hospitalized with dengue in March, Puerto Rico declared a dengue emergency.
  • Cases are now being reported in Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, Texas, California, and even Washington, DC.