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Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023

Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023:

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has sanctioned the “Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023,” which aims to expand the government’s outreach through digital media channels.

Key Highlights:

  • With increasing internet users and telecom subscribers, the policy responds to the shift in media consumption towards digital platforms.
  • The policy enables the Central Bureau of Communication (CBC) to employ digital advertising for government initiatives, using digital media’s wide reach to efficiently convey citizen-centric messages.
  • CBC will leverage digital audio platforms, Over-the-Top (OTT) services, video on demand, mobile apps, and social media for government advertising.
  • The policy introduces competitive bidding for rate discovery, ensuring fair pricing and efficiency.
  •  Aligning with the current social media presence of various government departments, this policy amplifies the outreach of government schemes and initiatives through CBC’s extensive advertisement dissemination.
  • The policy acknowledges the dynamic nature of the digital landscape and incorporates provisions to embrace new technologies and platforms