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Emergency Announced In Myanmar – Article 417

Emergency Announced In Myanmar:

The military of Myanmar has taken control of the country and a one-year state of emergency has been announced. Further, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and other government leaders have been detained.

  • The state emergency was announced because the November Elections in 2020 were postponed amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the government was failed in tackling the situation.
  • So, the military took over the country in accordance with Article 417 of Myanmar’s constitution.
  • Article 417 gives power to the military to take over in times of emergency.
  • The military had framed the constitution of Myanmar in 2008 and retains power under the charter at the expense of democratic, civilian rule.
  • Military highlights that, there were millions of irregularities in the voter lists in the November 2020 elections in which Suu Kyi’s party had won 396 out of 476 seats. However, the election commission had rejected the claims of the military.

Implications of the military control

  • Now in Myanmar, telecommunications have been halted. Internet and phone access have also been blocked.
  • The social media accounts of many people have been temporarily suspended.
  • Barbed wire roadblocks were set up and the military units have overtaken the government buildings.
  • Further, there is a fear of a crackdown on human rights defenders, journalists, and other critics of the military because, even before the military takeover, journalists, free speech advocates, and critics of the military have faced legal actions many times.